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Marketised practice -  
up-to-date knowledge

Proven digital solutions to successfully complete tasks and reach goals at a lower price
 with a physical market presence in Budapest and Bangkok.


Ad management

We created a b2b and b2c webshop linked to the SAP ERP system and increased traffic with online advertising.


Digital marketing

We have developed a Loyalty Card marketing automation solution for Samsung stores to drive sales.


Online communication

We have led The Hungarian Real Estate Association, one of our longest-standing clients, through the steps of digitalization for 19 years.


Website and online shop

We designed the online platform for the World Wrestling Championships. Being a world event, we fended off an extraordinary number of cyber attacks for our client.


Custom software

We solved the passport scanning and data processing requirement of mobile internet users at Dubai International Airport.


Process automation

We pioneered the FHB Bank online debtor rating and loan calculator frontend and backend application.

International team

Asian engagement European quality

custom online marketing solutions

Our experience is a great advantage in achieving results abroad or in an international environment.

  • we typically approach the task from several perspectives
  • transparency is part of our everyday working practices
  • we believe in fast cycles, so we react easily to changes
  • we make processes measurable using standard procedures
  • we work effectively with foreign clients and colleagues
  • we also deal firmly with inconveniences

Modular design

Together our products and services
create comprehensive systems for our clients.

Usually our clients ask us to build one module, such as web store development, and then they request additional modules due to their increased customer traffic.

Hungarian leaders

  • multilateral approach
  • well known innovative thinking
  • personal responsibility
  • GDPR Data Protection Officer
  • knowledge of the legal environment
  • multicultural approach
budapesti kapcsolat
Digital Marketing Support

Technical support

  • 24-hour technical support every day of the year
  • 2-year warranty to repair any defects
  • maintenance as part of upgrades and modernization
  • continuous monitoring of efficiency and safety
  • free online course after product launch
  • periodic briefings and executive reports
  • access to everything (source code, accounts, etc.)
international digital agency


Website, webshop, automation

Big Data

Analysis, visualization, data-driven decision


Increasing traffic, business acquisition