AsiaHabit Digital

Make marketing data-driven!

Optimise your spend and maximise your results

  • add/remove sales channel
  • add conversion, process optimisation
  • upsell, cross-sell functions in-process
  • free shipping, coupons, promotions
  • advertising increase/decrease
  • organic traffic increase

The marketing process generates a lot of data that can be used. We use this data to run a computer simulation and see what would happen if the factors were varied.

It is easy to see what are the factors that are most likely to impact the business in a given case, and even answer the question of how much spending is needed to achieve the revenue target.

...or whether the market is even suitable to achieve the target.


You can see everything ahead of time, and at this point you haven't spent a penny specifically on marketing!

Come to us with confidence, we'll enable you to make data-driven decisions.

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