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  • we provide a one-stop-shop service for the combined field of programming, big data, and marketing
  • transparency is part of our everyday working practices: you can check the status of your processes at any time
  • we believe in quick release cycles, so we can easily respond to changes
  • we have a continuous goal to reduce risk and increase efficiency
  • our standardized procedures make our processes transparent and measurable

International competitiveness

  • Our achievements in multiple countries demonstrate our stability and the effectiveness of operating according to ITIL
  • We offer value for money and our services in Europe are provided at 0% VAT
  • We provide a quality service and use modern technologies (with continuous knowledge development)
  • we provide a guaranteed resource for our clients

Process automation

We were the first to implement process automation for FHB Bank's debt rating and credit calculator. Customers were the first to be part of the online process.


CRM and Customer Loyalty

We built a high-traffic online commerce system for Samsung, which we later extended with a CRM and digital marketing automation Customer Loyalty application.



As a partner of the Hungarian Real Estate Association, we are responsible for the digitalisation of more than 600 real estate companies.


Online security

We set up and operated the entire online project for the World Wrestling Championships organized by the Government of Hungary. As a world event, we prevented an extraordinary number of online attacks.


Special software

Dubai International Airport has implemented custom software developed by us to scan passports of internet users and automate the processing of sensitive data.



We have delivered a high-traffic, complex online retail and wholesale system linked to a business management system to Strong&Unique, the leading mobile phone wholesaler in Hungary.

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