AsiaHabit Digital

Digital marketing results

  • measurable growth through comprehensive digital marketing
  • modern methods to make creative solutions effective
  • reach a global audience with super-specific targeting
  • time-consuming to set up and implement marketing campaigns
  • excessive information lead to overloading the target audience

Keyword research

Calculable outcomes

Save time, reduce costs - We select the most appropriate keywords to achieve favorable ad rankings and search results, then justify the choice with facts. Paid ads perform better when your landing page keywords are optimized.

  • examine the relevance of the landing page
  • look at the online traffic for the keyword
  • compare the competitiveness of keywords
  • analyze competitors' results for a given keyword
search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Constant presence and traffic

We help you get the best possible ranking in Google search results: we target relevant visitors in search engine optimization that support your chosen marketing objective. For example, branding, traffic, sales, conversion, prospecting, outreach, etc.

Search engine optimization makes sense when online quality is in order, as Google considers several technical parameters when ranking.

Submit the address of the page you want to optimize, and we will do a free SEO audit to get an idea of the current status:

  • identify your competitors
  • quantify the quality of appearance
  • explore the reasons for competitors’ online success
  • we offer a unique bid for effective search engine optimization

Ads management

Profitable marketing campaigns

Measurable performance, transparent advertising accounts, easy-to-understand reporting. If an effective digital advertising environment is not yet in place, we can help you set up Facebook Ads, and Google Ads accounts before launching your campaigns. In addition to marketing campaign performance data, you can also monitor additional details of your ads:

Customer profiling

Customer profiling

Personalized solutions

We gather the characteristics of potential customers (e.g., needs, preferences, behaviors, etc.) to categorize them and make personalized offers for more effective sales.

General profiling can be used for almost anything. For example, if we categorize a driver's habits through CCTV and the amount of a traffic fine depends on the driver's habits, we have made a decision based on profiling.

Profiling is all automated data processing performed on personal data to evaluate an individual's personal characteristics, which means that customer profiling can only be performed according to GDPR or PDPA regulations.

  • general profiling
  • automated decision making
  • decision-making based on profiling

Increasing conversions

Increased turnover

We remove barriers caused by slow site, irrelevant targeting, poor user experience, or lack of trust to increase conversion sharply. In the simplest case, there is only one barrier that we have to solve using the relevant profession:

  • targeting relevant audiences
  • technical troubleshooting
  • increasing brand trust
  • encouraging impulsive buying
lead generálás

Generating leads

Finding interested parties

We offer the creation and maintenance of potential end-user (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) lists - delivering real prospects who are just a few steps away from becoming customers or partners.

  • building lists, maintaining interest
  • continuous updating (scoring, adding new ones, deleting irrelevant ones)
  • customer segmentation based on data
  • organising advertising campaigns

If you think of the sales process as a funnel, lead generation is somewhere in the middle. It is not the beginning because there is already an inquiry, but it is not the end because the conversion has not happened yet.

Lead generation alone is not enough, and the list becomes outdated relatively quickly, so we usually offer it as a module related to other digital marketing services.

digitális marketing

Supapit Pongtana

digital marketing

I believe in a modern solution because creativity is not the only factor determining a positive outcome. I have the opportunity to show what results are expected from the resource devoted to a given activity by simulations.

To get a return on investment, I build campaigns that result in returning customers or referrals.

User experience

Test it now!

Google developed a universal test to quantify user experience on any website.

It shows you how your visitor is experiencing your site and how to get better results.

All marketing campaigns are useless if the user experience is poor.

We are happy to help achieve the best user experience to deliver the intended marketing campaign result.