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Why measure website quality?

for more business on lower cost

Several studies have examined the impact of site quality on customer satisfaction, showing that websites with better online Quality Scores consistently achieve higher conversions.

Vodafone found that optimizing for online quality generated 8% more sales in an A / B test, where version A scored 31% better than the non-optimized version B.

So users need to be provided with high-quality online interfaces that are functional and optimized for the customer experience.

The real value is the factual content for the user: the scope should be focused on a comprehensive overview, and the interactivity (e.g., loan calculator) should provide personalized information served by a modern digital solution that meets quality requirements.

The quantifiability of online quality is almost unknown to decision-makers, even though one of the easiest ways to increase traffic is to enhance the user experience, as evidenced by numerous case studies.

Lack of adequate quality leads to user dissatisfaction, increased operating costs, reputation loss, and market share loss.

We encourage you and your colleagues to check key metrics and take action to achieve better results. The industry-standard tests are developed and operated by Google, and the results are internationally accepted and may be used for comparison.

Tests give a color-coded results, meaning compliance is green, while orange or red indicates the need for optimization to achieve a more favorable digital result.

Advantages of Quality

  • brings more deal
  • gives better reputation
  • lower the costs
  • enhances security
  • streamlines processes

Instant quality check

It is a measurement system to qualify the progress of quality improvement.

User experience

Results calculated from nearly 200 tests.

Quality of content

It is also important for SEO.

General security

It represents an awareness of security.

Server speed

Fast operation is mandatory under high load.

Achieve higher quality

We can offer you better results through quality improvements at a lower cost.

We guarantee high quality!

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