AsiaHabit Digital

Customised programming website, e-commerce

  • fast, cloud-based, device-independent, secure and modern solutions
  • we aim to avoid mistakes at the design stage - as a proactive approach
  • guaranteed quality by applying Agile, DevOps, CI/CD methods
  • it involves a significant time and financial investment
  • multiple consultations required for a mature product
website and e-commerse solutions

Website — Webshop

Effective online presence

We offer a modular solution for medium and large companies for the cost-effective operation and quality development of a website/webshop. We know the enterprise expectations for which we offer a standard and fast solution, including regular data analysis and reporting. We provide ongoing technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

  • can be linked to existing systems (e.g. ERP)
  • modular, i.e. easy to modify and add to
  • meets the standards that ensure online quality
  • it does not slow down or become inaccessible under extremely high loads
  • user-friendly and intuitive, meaning easy to use
  • responsive look and feel that works well on all devices
  • built to suit individual needs
software automation


Triggering repetitive tasks

For example, if you need to insert data from an email attachment into an application, an automated robot can do it in seconds, continuously, and at no cost.

Process automation can be implemented in little as 1 to 4 weeks, saving you time and money, meaning you can gain significant benefits. Automation does not require changing the existing system and does not compromise data. If the workflow changes, the RPA can be adjusted to the new needs in 1 to 5 days.

Software robots are mostly used for administrative tasks, but they can be used for virtually any task, even by pairing artificial intelligence.

Automation comes at no regular cost, so due to its efficiency, users are growing at an incredible rate, as shown by data from research analytics firm Statista.

Software Development

Customised implementation

It is pointless to buy ready-to-use software if you pay for features never used. In a short time, we will assess your exact demand and demonstrate the functionality of an interactive (clickable) wireframe prototype. This is the fastest way to produce quality software, so you can have your custom cloud-based software up and running in 1-3 months.

  • process support and financial systems
  • additional modules for existing applications
  • functional employee or customer portals
  • self-service customer systems
  • custom software solutions
  • automating processes
user experience ux design

Wireframe prototypes

Clickable blueprints

It is always easier to visually see how to simplify a function or focus the user’s attention in an important direction.

Any modifications or new features can be integrated quickly and at no extra cost, making it much easier to create a user experience.

The users are surely looking for the easiest way to do their job, so they should feel that the software is smooth to use.

  • we create intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces
  • we integrate planned crawl paths
  • error-preventing design to support all users
  • responsive design for desktop and mobile users

Software integration

Modules and plugins

If there is a need for a software module already exists, there is no need for custom development. All you need to do is link the existing modules - such as when you integrate an online billing software with a customer database.

If you need to use several different software applications for your daily tasks, you may also need software integration. For example, by integrating your ERP system and your webshop, you can bring all your data together in one place. Centralized data management becomes available on the inventory, orders, prices, promotions, and more.

With software integration, daily tasks become more manageable, and data backups can be more economical—this results in a more transparent system from all sides.

We are happy to integrate your software to make your workflow smoother. We will provide a confidentiality agreement before your free consultation to discuss the details as well.

Artificial intelligence

Solving complex problems

For example, in an online store, making an offer that is absolutely relevant based on visitor behaviour can dramatically increase conversion (sales). This is where AI helps!

Instead of manually compiling rules and dealing with cumbersome in-house recommendation models, the use of artificial intelligence is much more effective. Great for any field where the input information is not precisely definable and needed to complete a task:

  • absolutely relevant, unique offers
  • identification of deviations from the mean
  • monotonous tasks e.g. live video analysis
  • fraud prevention and security solutions
  • answering specific questions
use of artificial intelligence
software developer

Weerachai Tangtip

software developer

We use a self-developed software robot to produce A+ quality, which means my team can focus on the creative tasks, and the robot does the repetitive and time-consuming part.

This ensures the quality implementation of digital projects not only faster, but at a lower price compared to our competitors.

Quality of the software

Verify it now!

An indicator of online security awareness also refers to programming quality, as it is forced to use procedures and solutions that lead to better results in all aspects.

It shows the presence or absence of technologies required for quality production.

Do not settle for mediocre results, lack of quality is not acceptable.