AsiaHabit Digital

Retail and wholesale

we established efficiency and reduced cost methods

  • promotion of sales by ads, optimization, lead generation, and process automation.
  • live dashboards with automated reports, data visualization, etc.
  • modern e-commerce solutions to solve common problems.
  • growth of conversion by achieving digital quality and turning visitors into purchasers.
property management software

Real Estate

database-based services to flatten the workflow and increase efficiency

  • interactive maps to visually organize enormous databases
  • automation to ease the repeating tasks and cut off human resource costs
  • customer profiling to conduct personalized negotiations
  • detailed insights to take advantage of extensive data analysis

Finance & Insurance

fraud prevention, process automation, fintech applications

  • process automation based on secured transactions
  • efficient security solutions based on artificial intelligence
  • smooth and reliable transactions between platforms, payment gateways, etc
  • compliance with PSD2 on strong customer authentication and secure communication
fintech software
governmental IT solutions

Public sector

user-friendly solutions in all circumstances

  • high traffic portals designing and development
  • terabyte-scale data management, and data processing
  • highest level of security, including the physically inaccessible resources
  • geographically independent data backups, and recovery plans

Event organisation

better satisfaction and business cooperation with less effort

  • automation based on continuously changing complex data
  • customer profiling for the feasibility of personalized services
  • increase conversion by promoting the purpose of the event
  • reach more people by advertising campaigns to fill the vacancies
Event organisation software

More industries

We would love to learn about your Sector that we have missed so far.

We are also happy to work for institutions that carry out high-quality scientific activities, such as research and development projects. We would love to work with industries never seen before in our company.