AsiaHabit Digital


We can make your wholesale / retail operations more efficient in a number of ways:

  • Promoting sales: we support sales with advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, lead generation, credit integration, process automation.
  • Dashboard interfaces with instant data: automated custom reports, data visualization, merchandise management automation.
  • Designing a quality web store tailored to the needs of your customers.
  • Increase conversion: we help you achieve your goals and turn interest into purchase.
property, real estate


We primarily provide database software services for valuation, facilities management, utilization and brokerage. We make data more transparent and support workflows with proven solutions:

  • Interactive property map: a multifunctional solution that primarily provides an overview of the property.
  • Specific software solutions, automations, optimized for the local market and demand, meeting international requirements.
  • Customer profiling, CRM system design.
  • Surveys, data analysis using Big Data.

Finance and insurance

In addition to facilitating transactions, fraud prevention, and process automation, we also develop fintech applications.

  • Business process automation of banking transactions, such as automated processing of incoming transfers, digitization processes.
  • Developing intelligent security solutions.
  • Smooth and reliable transactions between platforms, payment gateways, logistics and financial systems.
  • We develop Fintech applications (PSD2, SCA RTS).
Bank sector
public sector

Public sector

With a tight budget but complex tasks, we provide a user-friendly, secure and stable service under all circumstances. To maintain data security, we comply with ISO/IEC27001, ISO/IEC27017, ISO/IEC27018, ISO/IEC27701, SSAE18/ISAE3402 standards.

  • Design, development and operation of high traffic portals and services.
  • Terabyte scale data management, processing and high-speed data analysis in big data environments.
  • Highest level of security, including the use of hardware resources that are physically inaccessible and isolated from all other devices.
  • Geographically-independent backups, disaster recovery and recovery plan.

Event management

We help you to efficiently organise high-quality events and functions, so that you can achieve better results with less effort:

  • Multi-dimensional automations based on continuously changing data.
  • Customized profiling for the feasibility of personalized services.
  • Promoting the event's purpose, increasing conversion rates.
  • Advertising campaigns to reach more relevant participants.
event management

More industries

Because of our profile, we are also open to new ideas

We are also happy to work for institutions that do high-quality science, for example in research and development projects, and we are happy to work with industries that have not yet been served by our company.