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Infographics Big Data - BI data visualization

  • descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analyses
  • results that can be used for decision making and design strategy
  • relationships between unknown elements - pattern recognition
  • ready-to-use solutions, ready-made answers to individual problems
  • clear answers to generalized, imprecise questions

Data analysis

Valuable information from data

We provide a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to retrieve information. You can create fact-based tactics, anticipate challenges, and seize opportunities. We provide a BI expert for up-to-date analyzes, as follows:

  • set a data-driven strategy and make better decisions based on facts
  • use analysis as evidence to support your decisions
  • will be clearly identifiable the
    • correlation, and causal link
    • current and expected trend
    • opportunities and risks

Infographic design

Simple business communication

Interactive data visualization displays up-to-date infographics for fast and straightforward information transfer instead of voluminous descriptions.

  • simple business communications
  • emerging trends and patterns
  • quickly identifiable anomaly or opportunity
  • easy monitoring of the effects of decisions
  • visualising simulations


Try everything in advance

It becomes clear what the optimal combination is to achieve your goal efficiently and economically. You can define the limits, see if the target market is suitable for achieving the plan or not. For example, in a marketing simulation, we will examine what would happen by varying the following:

  • add / remove sales channels
  • increase conversion, process optimization
  • integration of upsell, cross-sell into the process
  • shipping and coupon promotions
  • increase/decrease advertising
  • increasing organic traffic
process optimization service

Process optimization

Identify bottlenecks

Improving the return on investment is a rationalization that increases efficiency while maintaining quality. We identify value stream bottlenecks and provide data-driven process optimization recommendations.

For example, it is useless to have a sharp increase in turnover if the cost of sales also increases in direct proportion. Process management can help by ensuring high operational efficiency.

  • significantly reduce expenditures
  • maximise your profit
  • keep risk to a minimum
  • decision-making will be simpler and faster
  • more transparent processes
  • operation will be smoother

Collecting data

We help you create performance indicators

You can make your business more successful by making data-driven big data solutions such as data analytics, infographics, data-driven decision making, and more. We help you create suitable KPIs and automated data uploads. We structure the data generated in different areas and ensure secure data storage.

Database building and automated data uploading are essential because processing KPI data helps targeted growth.

big data

Application of data

Interactions based on big data

Examples are chatbots or voice bots. Artificial intelligence interprets questions, which automatically compiles individual answers from textual knowledge. There is no need to program a prepared question-answer pair, only to upload the knowledge base to the big data environment.

Creating a voice or chatbot is available on any platform (e.g., WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.), which means it is a user-friendly communication solution.

  • interactive marketing campaigns
  • customer service, error reporting
  • reservation and information
  • voice-based statistical query
  • unique solutions, unlimited possibilities
data scientist

Nirada Pleumpiti

data scientist

Data analytics is not just about finding interesting facts - it's about how to automatize the knowledge you gained. Data analytics is not the accumulation of model algorithms and visualizations but the purposeful discovery of certain phenomena that can be used as a basis for decisions.

Data can also be used as evidence to support decisions.

Server speed

Quick check

It is important to have a server with the right speed even when collecting data.

It shows the actual speed of any online server, which becomes important as traffic increases.

In vain is the best marketing campaign if the user experience is inadequate.

We help you achieve the best user experience so that your markerting campaign delivers the intended results.